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About Us

School History

L KMC Private High School, founded on the 4th of August in 2001 by U Khin Maung Cho and Dr Ohn Mar and KMC stand for knowledge, morality and confidence respectively. At that time KMC name as KMC education centre. Started teaching 66 grade 10 students in a three - storied building in a 4800 square feet schoolyard and all are hostel students. At the starting year, all of the students were repeaters, the students that had sat the matriculation exam but did not manage to pass, from once to five times. Fortunately, under the training of KMC, all students passed the exam. In the 2002-2003 academic year, Grade 9 students were added, and in this year students’ enrolment counted nearly up to 500 hostel students. As KMC could not accept all of the students because of the lack of space for students accommodation and skillful hostel teachers. Therefore, KMC accepted only 300 hostel students and also day students, who go back home at the end of school day. In the midst of the year 2004, Grade-8 students joined the school as well, and the number of hostel and day students increased gradually too. In the academic year 2010-2011, students from Grade 5 to Grade 10 were accepted and the total number of students increased up to round about 900 students.

In 2012-2013 academic year, KMC received the permission, with the allowance number (AA-10/03/002) of the Ministry of Education of State, to run as a Private High School. Since then, KMC has allowed students of great range, from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Now, KMC has extended to five three-storied building, a five-storied building, two two-storied buildings and a one-storied building on the 93200 square feet school compound.

From the academic year of 2012-2013, the year of being permitted to run as a Private High School, there were about 1700 students from Kindergarten to grade 10 every year. These students originate from all around Myanmar; 85 different cities, and some are from China near Myanmar border.


O ur vision is to develop intellectually capable and creative young person and to become enterprising, innovative and compassionate members of the community.
T o expand students critical thinking skill to allow them to develop to their full potential and to achieve their dream.
W e aim to equip our students with the knowledge, morality and confidence.


For the knowledge a dedicated highly qualified teacher together with up to date learning methods and adequate facilities ensure that education and learning of the highest order take place. KMC provide the academic subjects as follows. From Kindergarten to grade 2 Myanmar, English, Mathematic and general subject, and from grade 3 to 4 Myanmar, English, Mathematic, Science and social. From grade 5 to grade 8 Myanmar, English, Mathematic, Science, History and Geography. Myanmar, English, Mathematic, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economic for grade 9 and grade 10 students. Class section took by subject teachers are followed by regular revision and remedial teaching. KMC test the students weekly, monthly and at the end of every term. Teaching assistant are on hand to help the students in their private study time.


For the morality KMC strive to create the atmosphere of truthfulness, trust and care that inspire the students to be upright, righteous and sensitive. Combination of precepts and examples at KMC school help the students to acquire values by which they will be guided later in life. KMC organised seminars, talks, film shows and individual counselling (if needed), to achieve their aims.


For confidence support wholesome personality development, carefully selected extr a curricular activities such as athletics and team games, cultural events and school excursion provide the students with opportunities to develop holistically leadership qualities and understanding of their respective religious tradition.

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